Towards Resolving Any Confusion About Our Logo

As campaigning and voting for the SFBC Board of Directors progresses, we have learned that a few people have raised concerns about SFBC Momentum’s logo, its similarities to the logo used by the SF Bicycle Coalition, and possible confusion those similarities might create. We’d like to thank those folks for sharing their feedback.

In any coalition, it is vital to encourage dialog among people with differing perspectives. SFBC Momentum invites input from people involved in our activities and works toward building consensus. So these concerns about our logo will be one of the topics we discuss at our next meeting, including whether or how to change the logo. We invite any SFBC member with concerns about this issue to join us at that meeting. We have not yet scheduled that meeting, but we plan to advertise it in the SFBC Chain of Events.

We displayed our logo on a large banner at Winterfest (see photo) and SFBC has published it in the SFBC Chain of Events without any apparent confusion that we were representing SFBC as a whole. We want to work with SFBC staff and the SFBC Board of Directors to help ensure a continuing, mutually acceptable practice in this regard.

In the meantime, we encourage all members to exercise their cherished right to vote for the SFBC Board of Directors. Please do so as soon as possible, or at least by the last day of voting on Tuesday, February 5th.

If you have any questions for our endorsed candidates or other general feedback for us, please send us an email at

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