Destination tags

  • Tag your bike with your destination. Other bicyclists need to know where your bike is going, so they don’t block your bike in, if they are going farther.
  • Ask a conductor for a free yellow destination tag, or download printable destination tags here and trim the printed tags to fit into a name badge holder.
  • Attach the destination tag to your bike.
Destination Tag


Boarding with your bike

  • Queue up for first come, first on-board order at the northern end of the platform and near the center of the platform.
  • Upon boarding, quickly walk all the way inside the bike area, so there is room for bicyclists behind you to board.

Bike stacking

  • Stack your bike on the outside of bikes going to your stop or farther to avoid shuffling bikes to exit the train (and possibly missing your stop).
  • Alternate handlebars so that the bicycles are stacked tightly. Take care with pedal placement.
  • Secure your bike with a bungee cord already attached to the bike rack on the train.
Bicycle Stacking


Exiting with your bicycle

  • A few minutes before the train stops, retrieve your bicycle and stand in the aisle with your bike.
  • Keep the stairways clear for others to exit.
  • After the train stops, exit quickly to avoid delaying the train.

Caltrain’s web site provides additional information, including a video about bringing your bike on Caltrain.

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