Action #1: Email Caltrain about their Bad Decision

Tell the board what you think of their unanimous decision made June 6, 2019 for a faulty bike-car layout for electric trains. Click here to email the Caltrain Board and copy all the right folks. Suggested talking points:

  • Security of passengers’ personal property should be a primary concern, but the new bike-car layout encourages bike theft.
  • Electric trains will have only 7 folding seats within view of 36 bike spaces. Today’s diesel trains have up to 34 fixed seats within view of 40 bike spaces, and bikes still get stolen from the train.
  • Caltrain should have swapped seats and bike racks among cars to provide adequate seating within view of bikes.
  • Instead of designing a good layout for bike cars before they are built, Caltrain will be faced with expensive retrofit costs when the design fails in the field.
  • Caltrain broke its promise for more bike capacity on electric trains. Electric trains will 72 bike spaces per train. Today’s diesel trains have 77 bike spaces per train on average.


Action #2: Come to the July 11 Caltrain Joint Powers Board meeting

Let the board now how you feel about their unanimous decision for less bike capacity on electric trains than today and a bike-car layout that encourages bike theft.

When: 10:00 AM, Thursday, July 11, 2019
Where: 1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos, two blocks from the San Carlos Caltrain Station
Agenda: To be posted here several days before the meeting


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