SFBC Momentum Announces First Round of Endorsed Candidates

SFBC Momentum is excited to announce our first round of endorsed candidates for the 2019 SF Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors election:

Nic Jay Aulston – SFBC Board President, Bicis del Pueblo co-founder (board incumbent)
Jeremy Pollock – Progressive political activist with City Hall connections (board incumbent)
Preston Rhea – Community organizer, technologist, and experienced manager
Kelli Shields – Tenants’ rights attorney, active long-term SFBC member
Jiro Yamamoto – Firefighter, 19-year SFBC member (board incumbent)

Learn more about our candidates here. These candidates have shown strong commitment to our values of democracy, diversity, accountability, and activism. They have a range of relevant skills and experience to bring to the SFBC Board.

We’ll be endorsing more candidates soon. Stay tuned!

Voting will be January 23 through February 5, 2019. You must be an SFBC member by January 9, 2019 to be eligible to vote. Join/renew today!

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