Our Logo

A few people have questioned why we have a logo that is very similar to the overall San Francisco Bicycle Coalition logo.

Here’s why:  We are SFBC, and very proud to be full, voting members of an organization founded to “promote the bicycle for everyday transportation.”  We are committed to that mission, and believe that vigorous member involvement is key to getting there.  We are not afraid to speak truth to power, whether the power is in corporate or government (or other) hands.

We believe that the logo speaks for every member

We — the SFBC — is not an organization that is “owned” by staff and a self-perpetuating board, with “members” as financial contributors, recipients of discounts, and people who can offer opinions but not make decisions. Many people who have joined the Momentum committee are concerned that, over the past ten years or so, the SFBC has drifted away from its roots.

So… we embrace the roots, we embrace reclaiming our streets for bicycles and other sustainable transportation methods, and we love our logo!

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