SFBC Momentum is a network of San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members working to build a more effective and open SFBC by furthering democracy, diversity, accountability, and activism in the SFBC. We support member-driven initiatives for biking and collaborative organizing in San Francisco. Through member activism, presence on the SFBC board of directors and board committees, promoting member-to-member communication for pro-bike actions, ensuring SFBC’s strategic plan includes goals for member engagement, and collaborating with staff, we help advance the SFBC’s mission through people power.


How do we get the best possible city for bicycling?  With lots of active participation from SFBC members – everyone has good ideas! The SFBC is a membership-based advocacy organization – this means that

  • the organization provides a forum for bicyclist-members – to gather ideas, discussion, dissent and ultimately plan actions to make bicycling better in San Francisco.
  • we each vote for the board of directors and have a strong say in our organization’s priorities.
  • members’ ideas for actions related to our mission should receive support from the SFBC staff and board.
  • there are 10,000 bicyclist-members who can show up to meetings and actions – a broader and more effective reach than what several staff people can do.
  • stronger bike advocacy can be achieved with “grassroots” outreach by invested SFBC members to local policy makers in addition to the established SFBC organizational channels.

SFBC Momentum is working to assure that the SFBC stays true to its roots, and fully engages members in exciting ways to creatively expand the Coalition’s effectiveness beyond current work.

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