SFBC Momentum was formed by members of Save SF Bike and Members for More Representative Elections. Since 2015, members of SFBC Momentum have organized to protect and expand members rights, democracy, and active power in the SF Bike Coalition.

We successfully saved SFBC member voting rights from being taken away, and we also spearheaded ranked choice voting for election of the SFBC board of directors. Now we are building on our successes together to support an even more powerful SFBC!


We believe:

  1. SFBC members should be actively involved in and direct the work of our coalition.
  2. More member involvement would expand staff’s capacity to make the SFBC even more effective.
  3. The election process for the SFBC board of directors should be engaging, accessible, and facilitate the pro-bike advocacy of SFBC members with diverse viewpoints.
  4. More members should run for and vote for the SFBC board of directors.

A strong SFBC needs dedicated members. Please RENEW OR JOIN THE SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION!

Contact us: sfbcmomentum@sonic.net