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Voting Information

Tyler Morris

Owner of Underdog Couriers, 25,000 miles pedaled annually in SF, SFBC business member

A daily cyclist, father, and courier. A long-standing SFBC member and passionate believer in bicycle advocacy.  Bike lanes should be protected, car-free, and the rights of cyclists enforced. If elected, I’ll strengthen the fundraising skills of the SFBC, and serve as your advocate for the rights of cyclists throughout SF.

I own and operate Underdog Couriers, a Bay Area messenger company and SFBC business sponsor.  As a messenger, I intimately know the joy and frustration of cycling in SF.

I majored in Political Science and am a former Southern California city councilman. I’m well-versed in fundraising, staff development, and leadership through example.

I believe the Board can be more impactful to support cyclists’ rights, and strengthen the voice of its members.  I’ll unequivocally fight for all communities, regardless of race, ability, or gender identity.

Endorsed by SFBC Momentum, 2019 SFBC Board of Directors, and this list of supporters.

Bike Strong SF!

Esther Gallagher

Bicycling doula since 1992, 15-year SFBC member

I’ve been a bicycling doula in SF and around the Bay Area since 1992 and became an SFBC member more than 15 years ago. Being a member has always meant to me that I was putting my political dollar where it matched my values of environmental activism/lifestyle AND that my voice meant something when it came time to do the political work, like showing up at City Hall to testify about conditions for cyclists. I volunteer. I vote. I appreciate the work done by staff and enjoy engaging with them when it happens. If elected, I would highly value input from members.

I am concerned that the board, with at least one director, show solidarity with older women, SF bicyclists who are out there every day AND whose experience may prove valuable in developing and implementing the strategic plan and goals of the SFBC. As a director, I would make it my priority that we press the SFMTA to address and adopt the C40 Women4Climate Initiative’s recommendations and take a strong stance for pressing California legislature to rectify the anti-environmental laws which favor car travel and “car-sharing” corporations. Bicyclists and POTENTIAL bicyclists pay taxes that build infrastructure and should be represented.

I am proud to be endorsed by SFBC Momentum and would be honored to earn your vote.

Note: I was asked to run for the board after the October 25 deadline for consideration for board recommendation.

Stephen Braitsch

Founder of Safe Lanes, active SFBC member

I am passionate about empowering our community with data that can supercharge our advocacy work and keeping the pressure on our elected officials and the SFMTA to get safety improvement projects in the ground.

I am an active SFBC member, Bicycle Ambassador and Co-Captain of our Mid-Market Bike to Work Day Energizer Station. I commute by bike daily and think constantly about how we can make our streets safer for everyone in San Francisco.

Last April I created the Safe Lanes reporting and data analysis platform to help us identify dangerous conditions on our city streets and have been helping the SFMTA leverage the data we’re collecting to inform new safety improvement projects and optimize enforcement.

If elected, I’ll help lead our fight for a car-free Golden Gate Park and a safe, protected bike lane network that connects the entire city.

I am proud to be endorsed by SFBC Momentum and the SFBC Board of Directors.

2020 Momentum Themes:

  • Bike lanes are for bikes (and other green transportation).
    No cars in bike lanes and more protected bike lanes now
  • Bike riders have rights, too.
    We’ll press politicians, police, and all road users to respect and protect our rights.
  • Build more bike lanes now.
    Safer, connected bicycle routes; more bicycle signals
  • Ride bikes, save the planet.
    Healthy people, cleaner air, and safer streets for everyone
  • Increase SFBC membership.
    Build a more inclusive member base