Candidate Questionnaire for Upcoming SFBC Board Election

Candidate Questionnaire

We invite all candidates for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors to complete this brief questionnaire of six yes/no questions.

Why a candidate questionnaire?

We created a candidate questionnaire to help voting members be better informed in the 2019 election for the SFBC Board of Directors. We will publish candidates’ responses here on our website and on flyers.

Candidate responses to the questionnaire will also be used to help inform recommendations or endorsements that SFBC Momentum will be making.

How were the questions selected?

Topics for 13 questions were chosen based on what dedicated SFBC members told us were important issues for them. To model our values of democracy and a strong, active membership, we invited the hundreds of members who have shared their contact information with us to participate in an online ranked-choice voting contest to select five winning questions for the candidate questionnaire. This approach to question selection helped ensure that the questionnaire covers a range of important member concerns. The SFBC Momentum steering committee added question number 6 due to its relevance to next year’s board.

When does voting start?

Voting for the SFBC Board of Directors will be January 23 through February 5, 2019. Be sure to join or renew your SFBC membership by January 9, 2019 to be eligible to vote.

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