Caltrain Board’s Bad Decision

Bad news. At the June 6, 2019 Caltrain board meeting, the board unanimously approved staff’s faulty recommendation for bike-car layout, which increases the risk of bike theft. And the board broke its promise made in 2015 for more bike capacity on electric trains.

Email the Caltrain board and let them know how you feel about their decision as bike commuters, voters, and citizens of the Bay Area.

Faulty layout approved by the board:


Electric trains will have only 7 folding seats within view of 36 bike spaces and 72 bike spaces per train. Today’s diesel trains have up to 34 fixed seats within view of 40 bike spaces and 77 bike spaces per train on average.

What a step backwards. Instead of designing a good layout for bike cars before they are built, Caltrain will be faced with expensive retrofit costs when the design fails in the field.

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