A bike on Caltrain solves the problem of how to get to and from stations in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way, and it rivals the automobile for convenience and flexibility.

Caltrain has done an outstanding job transforming itself into a national leader for accommodating bicycles onboard. Caltrain’s bikes-on-board service benefits the community by reducing traffic congestion, freeing costly parking spaces, freeing seats on publicly subsidized buses and shuttles, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, reducing air pollution, and improving public health.

Caltrain runs two types of trains: gallery trains with space for 80 bikes (two bike cars) and Bombardier trains with space for 72 bikes (three bike cars). The service is so popular that sometimes people with bicycles get left behind on the platform, or ‘bumped’, due to insufficient bike capacity. Please report all bicycle bumps, even if you are not one of them, using Caltrain’s bump report form to aid Caltrain in capacity planning. Your bump report is automatically tweeted @CaltrainBikes, which helps your fellow bike riders with commute planning.

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