Boardwatch Report: May 28, 2019 SFBC Board of Directors Meeting

We watched for action on Momentum’s priorities and saw very little related to them:

  1. Reduce auto use in San Francisco
  • The Opening Question asked Board members (and the four other members attending) to state what they would want to see happen if they could wave a magic wand and cost/money were no constraint for the SFBC.Only two people (one Board and one general member) stated that they would work to see fewer autos on the streets. Responses were generally quite varied, but several Board members stated that their priority would be higher pay and better benefits for staff.
  1. Adopt governance policies that assure expansive/inclusive Board and welcome members’ ideas, initiatives and energy.
  • Brian (ED) stated an opinion that the Golden Wheel awardees are evidence of“grass roots” activism of SFBC.  I don’t agree, because the People Protected Bike Lane are a group that organized and took on a problem without any official SFBC support.
  • Throughout the meeting, there was no attention to policy changes that would encourage member involvement.

News as of 6/20/19:  We have learned that SFBC staff has accepted a donation for Golden Wheels from the Zoox autonomous car company.  We are VERY opposed.  Take a look at the video on their website homepage:

To me, it exemplifies a value of moving very fast on streets crowded with vehicles, which is definitely not congruent with our aim of healthy streets where people can play, visit, breathe, ride their bicycles and enjoy the City.

We encourage as many members a possible to attend the Board meeting on June 25 to protest this funding, and if you cannot attend, please send a note with your opinion to and to

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