Boardwatch Report: March 26, 2019 SFBC Board of Directors Meeting

Three items of interest to Momentum members:

1. The recent death of a cyclist on Howard Street, and the opening of inadequate bike lanes on Polk Street, both give an opportunity for the SFBC to speak out strongly against City policies and practices that promote easy auto use to the detriment of cyclists’ access and safety.

To Do: Call the SFBC office at 415-431-BIKE (2453) and support the strongest possible push for changes that give more space to cyclists. Let them know about any areas in the City that need specific adjustments. Also send a note to Mayor Breed and your Supervisor with the same message.

Specific examples are good, such as: At O’Shaughnessy Blvd. and Elk Street, the SFMTA refused to remove two car parking spaces so that there would be room for a MUNI bus and a protected bike lane in the uphill direction. Instead, they removed the posts to protect the lane. Now all vehicles drive in the bike lane and crowd any cyclist attempting to negotiate that curve.

2. Although SFBC members are invited to all Board meetings, the materials posted via slides were not readable to those sitting around the room.

To Do: Send a note to asking that all postings be set up to allow all members to read them easily.

3. The SFBC Annual Budget was discussed. There is a $10,000 line item for “org strengthening” and a committee – not open to all Board members – that will work on org strengthening.

To Do: Send a note to Jean Kao, Board President at and ask her to explain exactly what the “org strengthening” committee and funding are expected to accomplish. Note that funding and action could support any of the SFBC Governance priorities set by Momentum, and we believe that these priorities will strengthen our organization.

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