The Momentum committee is made up of SFBC members who are passionate about increasing the SFBC’s effectiveness through more substantial member involvement. We want to see strong advocates setting policy for our organization, assuring the mission of promoting the bike for everyday transportation. We welcome member ideas on how we achieve our mission, and want to be sure that the SFBC’s resources support member-led initiatives.

Boardwatch is a subcommittee of members who attend SFBC Board meetings and report on actions of the Board that support or obstruct the achievement of Momentum’s priorities.

Momentum has set two priorities:

1. Reduce automobile use in San Francisco to assure access and safety for people-powered transportation

  • Promote SF tax ballot measure for TNCs (Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft)
  • Collaborate on State-level TNC legislative reforms
  • Demand that private auto use and parking “requirements” give way to bicycle access needs

2. Improve SFBC Governance

  • Implement Board term limits
  • Change terms to three years with five directors elected each year
  • Require board neutrality in board elections
  • Implement a board vacancy policy that takes advantage of Ranked Choice Voting
  • Set a higher quorum required to abolish member voting rights

Boardwatch subcommittee members post notes after each Board meeting so that SFBC Momentum supporters can take action to assure positive movement by the Board.

We need more Boardwatchers! If you would like to join us, please contact us at Being a Boardwatcher enables your fellow SFBC members to be more engaged and active, and if you are interested in possibly running for election to the Board – this is a great way to start!